We don't believe in Vashikaran and black magic thing's , we provide pure horoscope consultancy for bright future !!

It has been 25 years since I have been in this profession. What started as a hobby and sheer interest in this field has today by the grace of almighty “Mahadev”, turned into my full-fledged career.

It gives me a lot of mental satisfaction and peace when I am able to do something better for the society by helping people with my astrological readings.I always try my best to make optimum use of this science and my profound knowledge in this field to help myclients who range from all walks of life, from all over the country and across the oceans as well.

I have started this website on account of my clients’ long awaited request so that people from all across the world can reach out to me and derive benefit from my predictions with the help of almighty Mahadev.

You can use astrology to plan your life,goals, career, manage obstacles, use the favourable periods to the maximum advantage and sailing through unfavourable periods without getting beaten down.

Vedic Astrology is an ancient Indian science which explains planetary motions, their movements with respect to time and their effect on humans and other entities on earth.It is practically impossible to attain all the knowledge and learn all the various sects of Vedic Astrology. The study of Astrology is as vast as our universe, like we keep on discovering new planets and observe celestial phenomenon in our universe similarly I am still learning everyday and growing with time.

Over the years on the basis of my experience and observation I have realised that people tend to take the negative aspects in their life as a big setback and become depressed and over confident in case of a positive read out. It is very important to realise that attaining such frame of mind will make things worse for you and for the ones around you, maintaining positive and balanced frame of mind is very important for the human being.

I would credit Lord “Mahadev”, my “Isht Dev” for whatever I am today. It is because of my firm belief in him and his blessings that I have attained this Vedic knowledge and have become successful in this field by helping and changing the life of my clients. As long as I have the blessings of “Mahadev” I would continue working in this field.

My predictions cannot change your future neither do I claim to do so. I only claim to help people on the basis of my knowledge and understanding of the subject and hereby do not claim for any miraculous change in your destiny.

I very strongly believe that, what has been destined cannot be averted but we can change the view of the events and their outcome to a certain defined extent. The same also depends on the affected person and his karma and devotion in his “isht dev”. There is nothing more supreme than the divine power himself. It is he who decides everything already written your destiny; I am just a medium in between him and you to interpret his writings. In the end, I am no supreme but just a simple human being like you. Jai Mahadev

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